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Samsung's Galaxy tablet computer is not "cool" enough to be confused with Apple's iPad, a British judge has ruled.

The US electronics giant had argued the Galaxy Tab was too similar to its own product - but the claim was dismissed at the High Court in London.

Judge Colin Birss said of the Galaxy: "They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design.

"They are not as cool."

The judge said while the Galaxy Tab and iPad look similar from the front, there were differences in the thickness and details on the backs of the devices. He explained: "To an informed user, the Galaxy Tabs do not merely look like a thin version of the Apple design, they look like a different, thinner design of product."

Apple had argued that the front face and overall shape were the most important factors, because an informed user would spend the most time looking at the front and holding it.

Judge Birss said he did regard the overall shape as significant and admitted there was an obvious visual similarity at the front.

Apple has been given 21 days to appeal against the decision.


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Nowaday people pay more attention to a mobile phone's front and behind parameters when they buy it.In front of the mobile phone is the screen size, now big screen phones become very popular.4.3 inches screen is not the biggest any longer, 4.5 inches and even larger dimension mobile phone at present already get popular;The camere at the back of the mobile phone get high attention,too.At present the smartphone' pixels  at least achieve 8 million.The phone must have the two ability to be named as high-end products.

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Lenovo K800
Lenovo K800 is a main recent product, the machine got many aura and very remarkable.First of all this machine is a smartphone with X86 framework which built-in Intel's mobile chips.Then the screen reached 4.5 inches and its camera pixels is 8 million.Its hardware belongs to the absolutely advanced mainstream level product at present.


Its configuration is very strong, and its use of the material for the 4.5-inch IPS multipoint touch screen and the resolution has to reach 1280 * 720 pixels and the colour for 1600 pixels.The display effect is amazing.It has an Intel Atom Z2460 processor which makes the main frequency to 1.6 GHz.Graphics chips for PowerVR SGX540 and the accelerating

performance is powerful.With the optimization of the Android OS 2.3 operating system and a 8 million pixel camera.

Even LePhone K800's screen is very big and camera pixel is very high,yet the machine's largest superiority lies in the Intel's mobile processing chip which supports hyper-threading technology abd can dummy out another core that is equivalent to the dual-core processor.So the LePhone K800's performance will not be poor than dual-core mobile Phone.

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Lundi 9 juillet 1 09 /07 /Juil 08:44

As the development of economy,more and more system come to us.No matter what kind of system you have now,we iCoolsoft MTS Converter can help you view the video with the perfect quailty and edit your video with personal charactor.
Enemies and lovers are destined to meet.Smartphone operating system recently are on big updating times:Apple released iOS 6,Microsoft released WP8,Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 officially appeared.The three systems, as important system in the mobile system industry,will hold a situation of tripartite confrontation or single big?It's hard to decide.Alright,let's see what the PK result and to decide which one is best or they are all good.

IOS: 650,000 application, of which iPad application accounts for 225000 and in the smartphone currently platform it has the maximum number of application.
Android: 600,000 application, of which applications will run on a flat plate, but the plate application obviously lower than IOS even it has done optimization.
Win Phone: 100,000 applications,less than iOS and Android, and there is no Win8 flat.
IOS:Deeply integrated with iOS 3 D map it supports traffic live update, segmentation navigation and the interface is very cool.While the lack of transport direction guidance will make the users get lost by addicting to streetscape.
Android:Integration with Jelly Bean ,the 3 D map will do the following change:In addition to search, stage navigation, street, 3 D building offline cache will add in,and some famous region will support 360 degrees to spy upon.Does it worth to expect very much?
Win Phone: WP8 adopted nokia maps which including NAVTEQ maps, subsection navigation, 3 D architecture, offline cache,providing dynamic route navigation for public transportation .Compared with Android and iOS it is less flowery but emphasis on practical.
IOS: iOS 6 added in iCloud label, unified between iOS and OS X devices browse; But note that it is not set up a unified cloud browser to support you browse all equipment, but as a hidden ICONS or sub menu.
Android:The Chrome Beta also have synchronization to desktops synchronous label, but it is in the form of consideration whether it should be directly used as bookmark or search synchronization function. In view of the Chrome desktop users,it is an huge advantage for goole to popularity this.
Win Phone: Win eight does not support the synchronization function at current browser, and estimate will use IE browser to adapt to the whole WinRT environment.
Informative function
IOS: iMessage is at the testing stage and it claims to quick delivery information between the mobile phone, plate,  desktops. There is no direct connection to find cell phone number and the method of clouds account, and can't guarantee delivery 100% to all related equipment.
Android: Android platform has numerous reliable real-time speech delivery applications, such as Gchat, as long as the login will accurately and timely delivery to all the information to related equipment.
Win Phone: Win eight are considering support sending text, Facebook, Skype information information  in the same window.This is a good and strong idea,the key is when listed?

Seeing from the PK situation,IOS 6 let the user quickly accept the new integration function easily through its wonderful appealingness before; Jelly Bean do have many resources and they try to choose the best from the better. but there is "much more choice not easy instead of promoting suspected";Wp8 use its fresh strength to let the user have a containing manner to its system.


No matter which one will become the big one,the best one is in your own heart,no one can make choice for yourself.And we have iCoolsoft MTS Converter for Mac,too.

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There are many news about Kindle Fire 2. The NPD DisplaySearch reports that Amazon have revealed that they plan to announce the next generation Kindle Fire by the third quarter of this year and the projected launch date of the tablet is expected to be by the end of the said quarter.

According to the reports, the tablet will be thinner and lighter than the original and will come with a built in camera as well. Apart from that, the display will be improved upon as well and will sport a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The report states, “Developers familiar with the device have been instructed to build their apps for a display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, which is a bit different than the 1024 x 600 display of the current Kindle Fire. Not only will that apparently make it sharper and more vibrant, it will give it a different aspect ratio, as well. In other words, the display has an entirely new width-to-height ratio.”

The report also says that the screen shape is changing slightly: From an aspect ratio of 1.71 (tall and narrow in its standard Portrait mode) to an aspect ratio of 1.60.” Though the next generation Kindle Fire’s resolution from 1024 x 600 to 1280 x 800 may not sound like much of an increase, there will be a 67 percent increase in total pixels and it will be visually significant giving the display a PPI of 216.


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According to the DigiTimes, Apple is revising the new iPad's battery and dual-LED bar to fix the overheating problem investigated by Consumer Reports in March. Various tests revealed that the iPad 3 runs hotter than the iPad 2, however, Apple claimed that the new iPad is operating within its requirements.

Unnamed supply chain sources revealed today that Apple is revamping the iPad’s battery in an effort to reduce the heat emission. If the reports are true, the tweaked iPad will be "slightly lighter and thinner than previously designed."

The DigiTimes also reported that Apple is switching back to a single-LED backlight to address the overheating problem.

"The extra LED is reportedly adding to overheating and that using one LED will help solve overheating issues since more backlights along with more power to heat those backlights is causing overheating."

Returning to a single-LED backlight reportedly will not affect the clarity of the Retina display.

It was also reported last week that Apple has tapped Sharp to manufacture IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels for the new iPad design.

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